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Cloud democracy with blockchain twist

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Blockchain voting platform


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Boule is an online voting platform based on blockchain technology that guarantees the fair results and gives flexible access to the polls. It’s secure, decentralized and audible. Ultimately, it’s an e-voting and vote counting that everyone can trust.

Blockchain technology isn’t something that everybody is used to yet

Our goal was to create a platform that is so easy to use that users won't be afraid of blockchain and will get involved in the democratic processes.

We're eager to make the product attractive for as many people as possible

The idea of simple and safe voting sounded very appealing — there are actually very few components of the voting platform and process. We just needed to point them out and arrange them in the right order. Then highlight the important things and hide unimportant.

Smooth and cutting-edge visual design to keep the overall feeling of safety that should go together with progress

Our team thoroughly examined banking and financial products to provide a smooth experience of dealing with payments and the voting procedures for one side, while providing simple voting for users.

Then we faced a challenge to explain potential users how it works and what this platform is capable of

Our creative team produced a scenario that voiced each benefit of the platform step-by-step each. And then the animation crew made it come alive.

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