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European Fintech Awards 2016European Fintech Awards 2017 Top 100
What is it

Xpenditure came to us saying that their current website doesn’t reflect the features of the upcoming application. We made a script and produced a scenario for a story, made a draft storyboard, illustrations, and high-fidelity mockups.

We created a storyboard, which represents the every product feature

As we all pretty much could relate to the problem of submitting expenses and trip planning, we were very eager to tell the world about this fascinating piece of technology in the best possible way we can.


Everything started with a script broken into scenes

That would tell a story according to the common storytelling rules and according to the technical restrictions that we assumed would be valid during the execution stage. We decided to go with vertically stitched frames with transition animations between those.

We illustrated the scenes one by one to create a smooth flow and present chunks of data one at a time using simple real-life examples like planning a business trip, purchasing flight tickets or taking an Uber.

Our designers created a layout for controls and text boxes: pieces of text would appear smoothly one by one telling about a specific feature being applied to a real-life situation.

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