Simple and subtle expense management

Expense tracker in your pocket

What is it about


Landing page design and illustrations for the automated expense tracker.


The website was not reflecting the features of the upcoming new app.


Updating the script and producing a scenario for a story, drafting the storyboard, producing illustrations, creating the UI and layouts.

We get acquainted with the product and its features to create a storyboard for the presentational web page

As we all pretty much could relate to the problem of submitting expenses and trip planning, we were very eager to tell the world about this fascinating piece of technology in the best possible way we can.

First, we took a rough script submitted by our client's team and turned it into a script broken into scenes.

That would tell a story according to the common storytelling rules and according to the technical restrictions that we assumed would be valid during the execution stage.

Illustrations create a smooth flow and present chunks of data one at a time

The whole redesign process was covered by qualitative usability tests with real users. We tested the product as a set of graphic mockups along with the live website.

After several months, the product owner did a customer survey that showed overall satisfaction and appreciation of the redesigned version.

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