Something different from a classic bank

Google bank application concept

What is it about


You trust it your business correspondence, personal messages, search history and pictures of your cat. While many fear this overwhelming exposure, you can make this inevitability work for you. You know who else is gathering information about you? Banks. So it's only natural to put those two in the same room and let them talk.

Here, at Humbleteam, we believe that GoogleBank could become something different from a classic bank, become something friendly and inviting, like other Google services that we all got used to.

One app, many banks

Google bank will know enough to figure out your rating. And with your rating being good you can place a loan application, receive offers from various banks and pick the most adequate one. Now, you who will choose the bank, not vice versa.

One-click transfers

See a better deal? Get a better deal. GoogleBank allows you to unite all your accounts in one place and lets you juggle your money in order to choose the most suitable conditions. With this app, you can send money in one tap, fast and easy.

Banking without a bank

You can be few taps and a fingerprint away from completing tedious banking procedures, paying for services and spending some cash for whatever you feel like. Why complicate things? Let's make a finance routine feel like a walk in the park.

Create events, spend together

Pay together with friends, or collect money for a present for colleague. GB allows you to create events and set the participation price (it could be fixed, individually determined, or variable).

There's no need to transfer the money instantly; you can just enter the number. Money will be withdrawn when the amount is raised, or the time runs out. It's an easy, but fair way to maintain healthy financial relationships between friends or colleagues.

Lets do something cool together