Managing a team at its finest

Automated Airbnb business

What is it about


Airbnb gives flexible accommodation booking options for some people and provides a way to earn extra income for others. Misterporter platform allows to manage a real estate property and run a successful renting business on Airbnb. The platform enables to create and manage teams that will maintain your property without demanding you to micromanage it every day.


Any automation is highly complicated in its core. Our target was to wrap this clever system in a friendly looking graphics.

We started with examining and analyzing the existing wireframes and providing the Misterporter team with our expertise in complex enterprise systems

We developed and applied a rather light-coloured and airy graphic style — we tried not to distance too much from Airbnb and other booking services to establish firm associations with them. We explored multiple dashboards and used our knowledge of relevant systems to handpick the most suitable design solutions for this platform.

How it works

The dashboard allows users to create and manage a team of people with customizable schedules that will keep the rent apartment up and running on a regular basis.

It’s highly intuitive on one hand and very flexible on the other. Every bit of information is visualized to help understand it’s role in the system.

Dashboard and navigation

Revised user experience resulted in the clear structure of the menu and all of the dashboards ensuring that users would instantly understand the mechanics of the app.

Graphics and visual language

Through several iterations, we created the main illustration for the landing page that should lure users into the system. It’s based on the themes of geometric patterns, complex systems, networks and connections, which are metaphorically representing the platform.

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