Complete redesign of the SaaS product

Enterprise web service for synthetic monitoring

What is it about

Synthetic monitor provides up-to-the-minute insights into website performance and availability on a global scale. Used by thousands of users the original landing page was looking obsolete and didn’t perform well in terms of conversion and user acquisition.

Totally reworked and optimised information structure

The initial urge was to recreate the customer experience of the typical website user, who was facing an obsolete look and unclear information structure. The idea evolved to the one to have friendlier feel to stand out in comparison to the competitive products. We also approached the price policy together with the client and tried to provide adequate tariffs.

It's proved by usability tests

The whole redesign process was covered by qualitative usability tests with real users. We tested the product as a set of graphic mockups along with the live website.

After several months, the product owner did a customer survey that showed overall satisfaction and appreciation of the redesigned version.

Multi-platform solution

We also produced a scalable mobile version without reducing the functions of the original product.

Lets do something cool together