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What is it about

Gig economy is inevitably growing and it’s not all rainbows and unicorns — it’s hard for some to maintain the steady income, which might depend on season or a changing demand for skillset. There’s a new type of banking app to fill in this new void of inconsistent personal finances. It should help our user to keep an eye on their own financial health, make predictions about the future and yes, lend money when traditional banks refuse to do that because of inconsistent nature of the user’s income.

Problem statement

There’s a whole market of professionals that are not fitting into current 9 to 5 office system, they are freelancers. However, they are still in need of financial tools, just like everyone else. Banks, on the other side, are hostile towards people who are falling out of a standard pattern.


We started with understanding the problem in the first place — people out of the traditional banking system needed support. Should our user have any issues or questions — the app’s dashboard is the go-to place. We iterated the concepts of the home page that contained all vital information and had links to all major screens.

We decided to go with high contrast and bold typography on the app that should accompany the new brand look and feel.

Main screen

Every piece of vital information is shown here: safe to spend amount, income, expenses and financial forecast being indicators of user’s financial health. Upcoming and recent transactions are another handy tools to plan and account resources.

Extra money

Whenever system indicates financial difficulties, e.g. upcoming transactions exceed forecasted income, it offers user to cover it up with a cash transfer.

Financial overview

Screen devoted to the financial state at a certain point in time with the ability to expand and drill down on any piece of information.

Making repayment discreet

Probably the coolest part of the app is the borrowing and repaying mechanism — it could be done through the freelance work, like driving an Uber or completing projects on Upwork. We built the whole borrowing sequence around that.

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