Discover financial prosperity,
meet Google Bank

Banks know a lot about you, but there’s a company that knows even more.

You trust Google with your business emails, personal messages, internet search history and pictures of your cat. But while some find the depth of this relationship concerning, there is a way to make it work to your financial advantage – by putting Google in the same room as your bank, and letting them talk.

One app, many banks

Google Bank can figure out your credit rating and help find the best loan option for you.

One-click transfers

See a better deal? Go get it. Google Bank brings all your accounts into one place, giving you unprecedented control of your money, empowering you to choose the best terms, and allowing you to send money with one tap.

Create events and spend together

Split a bill with friends, or pool money to buy the perfect gift. Simply create an event and set the price (fixed, individually determined, or variable). There’s no need to transfer money manually – simply enter the number and cash will be withdrawn when the amount is raised, or the time runs out.

Billions and millions screens

Pay together with friends, or collect money for a present for colleague. GB allows you to create events and set the participation price (it could be fixed, individually determined, or variable)

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