Online classrooms for connecting the best
professors with the most motivated students

achieved product-market fit with the first version in just four weeks and made a full-scale version based on MVP’s feedback.

IQra came to us with just an idea: create an educational portal where motivated students can connect with the best-in-class professors who’ll give them the support they need to achieve their goals. Our main task was to test the concept and then help to build the heavy-weight product.

UX/UI design, app design, web design, jobs-to-be-done, mind mapping, CJM, user research, google design sprint.

IQra is the first platform with all aspects of remote studying

from lessons, tests and homework checking to tracking payments and lessons schedules

With a built-in calendar, students can book lessons on their own without having to negotiate with their teachers. Meanwhile, professors can automatically draw up payrolls using a lessons schedule, helping them keep on top of their finances.

Landing page designed to convert leads from SMM campaigns

we predict users’ pressing questions and make everything clear with
a punchy landing page

To help IQra stand out from the crowd, we created custom illustrations that inject a little playfulness into the educational process.

A built-in whiteboard
is the only tool you will need

write, draw, upload files - everything in one tool for any subject

Sometimes it’s hard to predict which tool you’ll need, so we created an interactive whiteboard as the ultimate tool to support online learning. Professors can write, draw and even upload files throughout the lesson. Developers loved it too, as we made sure it didn’t take months to develop.

Help those that are in need

the project’s mission is to provide education to as many children as possible

10% from each lesson is donated to schools around the world who educate underprivileged children, creating a global community of passionate learners and educators. As an extra incentive, on your profile you can see how many children you’ve helped by using IQra.

There is always a choice

a perfectly-matched professor for each student and motivated students for every professor

Get access to our exclusive database of top professors and filter your search to find the right choice. Schedule your first lesson (it’s on us) and see whether you’re a good fit.

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