Reinventing the industry-leading
AR-empowered navigation app

We designed the first AR-empowered navigator to set Nexar apart from the crowd and satisfy its customers’ desire for innovation.

Navigation apps tend to look and feel the same, with most copying and pasting the mistakes of others. For Nexar, we made a navigator that incorporates AR features and a crowdsourced map information. It’s completely innovative, and delivers the next big leap for navigation.

UX/UI design, app design, jobs-to-be-done, CJM, user research, automotive.

Navigator that shows and predicts more than you can could imagine

Nexar had the know-how. We helped make their tech sing.

Nexar started out as a dashcam producer before deciding to add value to their products by adding next-gen AR features. When Nexar came to us they already had a well-built dev team with extensive AR expertise. What they really needed were designers and branding pros that could wrap their tech into a cohesive application that people would actually want to use.

Bringing drivers together for ar faster journey

All Nexar users are connected with each other, so when somebody’s app detects a dangerous situation on the road, the app will warn other users that might be using that route. But more than this, Nexar aggregates tons of anonymous data so that you can completely avoid problem areas. The result is shorter and safer rides.

Navigate without the distractions

Maps are pretty important to a navigation app, but they only account for 70% of the screen in apps like Waze and Google Maps. We took away all of the excessive elements that can lead to information overload and only kept the stuff people said they cared about: directions and time of arrival. The immediate response from our users was "finally it looks cleaner than Waze!"

As all rides are saved to the cloud, you can access them at any time in case of an accident or problem

App that covers your back

The app guides you through the process of dealing with an accident, step by step

Accidents do happen, but Nexar will be there every step of the way to guide you through. The first question is simple but life-saving: Do you need to call 911? If you don’t answer, the app will make the call automatically. And one more thing. Since Nexar records and analyzes all your drives, it will use this data to provide cheaper insurance options for safer drivers.

"I was impressed by their flexibility and willingness to adapt to our schedule even though it wasn't always convenient."

Rachel Rosenson

Product Manager

27 usability sessions

facilitated with Nexar users


raised after updating the app

6 months

lasted our engagement

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