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Ongoing from December 2019

From zero to MVP with Stoovo

The founders of the innovative Silicon Valley gig economy startup came to us with an insight and an idea. Two months later they had a working MVP and a marketing site, ready to go.

Working class heroes

Stoovo was born from a simple insight: Gig economy platforms are almost always optimized for buyers, not providers.

Stoovo’s founders, Hantz Févry, Pierre Frederic Mombeleur and Semih Korkmaz, are all successful immigrants but with first hand knowledge of the precariousness of modern life. They wanted Stoovo to be firmly in the gig workers’ corner, helping them navigate an opaque marketplace and providing some of the support structures that regular employees take for granted.

They had the insight and the idea. Now what they needed was a design partner to help them explore, implement and iterate. You’ll never guess what happened next.


Round the clock

In December 2019, Stoovo hired Humbleteam to design their product, based on a recommendation from a colleague of Hantz’s at Google who had seen Humbleteam’s Google Bank concept.

The teams, distributed across 15 cities and 7 time zones, worked closely together, going from concept to fully formed app in only two months.

In February 2020, Stoovo had a minimum viable product, ready for release, plus the first iteration of their marketing site.

Working 9 to 5. Gig workers spend a lot of time scanning and monitoring various platforms, often randomly choosing jobs that don’t bring them the highest income. Stoovo helps them make the most of their time by aggregating offers from over 6,000 services, and directing them to the most lucrative gigs.

The new normal. Stoovo helps gig workers make more money, faster. It’s also designed to help them overcome a lot of obstacles, reduce income volatility, manage taxes, set goals, as well as provide a buffer of cash on hand if needed.

Labor market(ing). In addition to the product design, Humbleteam has also worked with Stoovo’s marketing team on various aspects of their customer acquisition process from inception. We’ve developed several marketing campaigns, launched new landing pages, and taken the website through five iterations, designed to improve conversion and introduce new features.


“First, the level of expertise at Humbleteam is very high. We got a beautiful UI but also a deep understanding of our business goals. Second, communication is excellent and seamless with our teams really merging into one. Third, the consistency and the ability to adapt: We usually experiment and iterate a lot, and for Humbleteam it comes very naturally. When I was at Google I worked with a lot of designers, and I’ve been very impressed by Humbleteam.”

Hantz Févry
Co-founder and CEO, Stoovo


In the black

With the MVP version of their product, Stoovo’s founders raised $2.4m, and convinced several senior stakeholders to join the company.

With more than 30k users on the waitlist for the beta, Stoovo currently connects with over 6,000 work and gig services, and users have completed over 150,000 gigs.

A word from Humbleteam

“There’s nothing more satisfying for a product designer than getting to help a bunch of incredibly talented people like the Stoovo team take an idea and turn it into a successful business with thousands of users and millions of dollars in investment. We’re incredibly excited to see where this rocket ship can go.”

Yanosh Govoshi
Design Lead, Humbleteam

venture investment funded
30K users
on the waitlist

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