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Web design trends that will win this year

Web design trends that will win this year

A visitor will typically leave your website after 10-20 seconds. That’s all the time you have to capture their attention, make a first impression, and keep them on your site.

There's no secret recipe to attract and keep visitors to your website. But impressive web design can do the trick to deliver a great user experience, delight your visitors, and build your brand recall value.

The world of design is constantly changing, and to create an extraordinary website that ticks off all these goals, you need to stay on top of the latest web design trends for 2022. In this article, we've covered 11 top trends in web design that will dominate the industry this year.

Let’s dive right in.

Top 11 website design practices in 2022

Every $1 you invest in website UX can bring results worth $100. This is why it's crucial to stay on top of the most popular trends in web design and enhance your UX.

Let’s look at 11 current web design trends to give you some inspiration!

1. Minimalism

In recent years, "less is more" thinking has dominated every industry, and web design is no exception. Part of the reason behind the popularity of minimalistic design is its simplicity, as opposed to the clutter of most design approaches. Plus, minimalism can also speed up the loading times to improve the user experience.

Here are five must-have elements of minimal web design:

  • Negative space: Declutter your design and focus your visitors' attention on the main content by leaving space around the main elements of your design, like this page for Apple Pencil.
    Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 1
    Sourse: Apple Pencil
  • Vibrant imagery: Use striking images to make your design bold and catch a visitor’s attention. Add simple yet contrasting images to balance out the textual content. The London Loom shows how.
    Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 2
    Source: London Loom
  • Design contrast: Minimalism uses contrast in every element—font, size, color, and position. Base your contrasting elements on a neutral backdrop to capture visitors' attention, like CO OP.
    Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 3
    Source: CO OP
  • Limited use of colors: Colors are an essential part of minimal web design. Pick a limited palette and make the most out of the chosen colors. Red Pen uses just two colors for its entire website.
    Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 4
    Source: Red Pen
  • Readable typography: Minimalist designers keep text clean and crisp. So, this design trend uses more readable typography like the one Mabbly uses.
    Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 5
    Source: Mabbly

At its core, minimalism is one of the most popular modern web design trends focusing on making the design user-friendly. It prioritizes utility over aesthetics to present the information in the most simplistic format.

2. Text-only hero fold

The hero shot is a visitor’s first touchpoint with your brand. It can make or break your brand’s reputation and bounce rate because visitors would preferably leave your site if the hero shot doesn’t create a solid impression.

One of the latest web design trends is to keep the hero fold text-only. Instead of the standard image + text format for the hero shot, you can put your message in the front and center to communicate what your company does, why, and how.

Here’s why a text-only hero fold works better than text and image:

  • The big and bold text presents the information more clearly
  • The text-only header will load much quicker even in low connectivity
  • Only textual content is easier to digest without a confusing image alongside
  • A short and crisp hero banner would compel a visitor to scroll down and learn more

Text-only hero fold is as unique as it is attractive. Johann Lucchini’s website presents the perfect example of the impact you can create with only textual hero shots.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 6
Source: Johann Lucchini’s

3. Gradient color backdrops

Among the best web design trends of 2022 is one making a comeback from the late 2000s—gradient color backdrops. Gradients, the design technique of blending more than one color, have found their way into today's web design because of their vibrant and versatile appeal.

Gradient colors offer multiple use cases—from logos and product packaging to app interface and prints. The gradient trend allows brands to create a unique vibe for their website for web design.

Gone are the days when you stick to the same old primary colors. Designers can add more depth with gradients, make new color schemes, and incorporate a playful appeal to the site.

Symodd’s completely gradient website shows this web design trend in action! It uses a unique palette of gradient colors to deliver something striking to a visitor.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 7
Source: Symodd’s

4. Monochrome with a tinge of neon

If you've been a fan of Apple's black, white, and gray web design, you'll love monochromatic web design. The latest web design trend offers a unique take on the classic black and white color palette by adding a neon tint to the equation. This contrasting combination can offer visitors a visual treat because of its clean yet bold appeal.

This monochromatic color scheme has become widely popular, given its simplicity for users and designers alike.

You can see how this trend works by simply scrolling down Lemonade's website. The otherwise black and white design has a pink hue throughout—which catches a visitor's eye. This pink color highlights the most critical elements on the page, like the CTA buttons.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 8
Source: Lemonade's

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5. Borders & linework

Website designers use a lot of gridwork and layouts to arrange every element in the proper alignment. One of the best web design trends of 2022 is making this gridwork a part of the actual design in the form of visible borders.

Visible borders separate one section from another, giving visitors the ease to float through your site while scrolling. These simple lines also help tidy up your design by boxing different elements instead of letting them clutter the page. So, you can add more scannability to your website by making borders visible.

This design for a clothing brand uses grids and frames to create a neat look. Each element is demarcated by borders from the logo and navigation bar to the hero shot and product categories to make the page less crowded.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 9
Source: Behance

6. Micro-interactions

While microcopy plays a crucial role in driving conversions, think of micro-interactions as the design alternative to microcopy that significantly impacts your user experience. These subtle animations—like the slide of a navigation panel—can delight visitors and maximize engagement on your website.

Unlike a simple website, micro-interactions attach a motion to your visitors' action that entices visitors to spend more time scrolling through it. Such motions improve the aesthetics and generate a positive feeling for your brand because of the effort spent creating the finer details.

MA True Cannabis adds an x-factor to its website by using micro-interactions in its hero shot and across the site. These simple and intriguing interactions share more information about each product when a user hovers over every icon.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 10
Source: MA True Cannabis

7. Micro-animations

Like micro-interactions, micro-animations can also spice up your website to amaze the visitors. This is one of the latest web design ideas in 2022 that focuses on delivering a distinctive brand experience through a rich interface.

Look at how Hubspot uses subtle animation to tie all the elements together in its hero image. Its hero shot has simple movements to show specific product illustrations.

A micro-animation can be as simple as a toggling button. Its main goal is to focus the visitors' attention on the main elements of a design by adding a touch of motion. Designers also use animation to make UX more seamless—like when you click on the navigation button, the panel opens with some animation effect.

Plus, you can also deliver feedback or information using micro-animation. Like when a visitor clicks on a button, an animation style confirms their action.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 11
Source: Hubspot

8. Moving text

One of the latest web design trends doing the rounds in 2022 is kinetic typography. Moving text goes a step beyond animations to make your website interface more exciting for the visitors—keeping them glued to your site.

Whether it’s a horizontal ticker to convey news or textual headers for the hero shot, moving text can easily capture and guide your visitors’ attention.

Designers have to find the right pace and style of typography to produce a great impression. Here’s how Markethire uses moving text in its above-the-fold section to describe all kinds of marketers the platform helps.

9. Illustrations

Designers are going against the tried-and-tested idea of adding more human faces to the website to produce more custom illustrations. It's one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd and reflect the brand's personality.

Here are a few reasons why designers are increasingly experimenting with illustrations:

  • They add an element of playfulness to your website
  • They make it easy to convey your brand story
  • They become visual assets for all marketing materials aside from your website
  • They maximize user engagement by presenting your brand personality

Sleeknote uses quirky custom illustrations across its website. The company follows a uniform set of human-like illustrations for different sections of its web design and elements like popups.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 12
Source: Sleeknote

10. Using emojis

Fact: 92% of people use emojis in their daily online interactions.

This statistic indicates the integral role of emojis in the way people communicate. Given the widespread use and appeal of emojis to express emotions and ideas, designers are now using emojis as a web design element.

Emojis offer a fun and quick way to communicate anything visually. Brands can use this trend to their advantage by adding emojis to their web design—wave a hi to welcome visitors, use an angry face while describing pain points, or show a person meditating to present a solution.

Put simply, emojis can add more meaning to your design and make it more playful than usual. They also help deliver the right message while sustaining visitors' attention.

Wannathis is a case in point. They use emojis to make their design reflect their brand personality better and engage with users.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 13
Source: Wannathis

11. Inclusive design

Inclusivity has become a buzzword for companies worldwide. But for web designers, inclusivity is one of the biggest trends of 2022.

Inclusive design is for people of all races, sexuality, genders, and abilities. It’s the idea of strategizing and designing a digital experience that accommodates every group with its graphic language.

Understood—a non-profit organization for people with disabilities—is a prime example of inclusive web design. Even with its micro-interactions and design elements, the website switches off all motion with a simple toggle button.

Besides, the website also encourages visitors to define themselves instead of imposing the organization’s language on everyone.

Web Design Trends That Will Win This Year. Image 14
Source: Understood

Let’s look at how designers can make their web designs more inclusive:

  • Structure your content well for people with reading and vision disabilities to process all the information properly
  • Add accurate and descriptive alt text for all images making it easy for users to interpret the images
  • Label the form fields to reduce any confusion for users to fill out the entries
  • Avoid high contrast for text and background; keep it around the ideal ratio of 4:5:1
  • Don’t display critical information using colors to communicate clearly with colorblind visitors

Inclusivity is a progressive trend for designers to adopt and make websites more accessible for everyone. It can be an excellent way for companies to put their diversity and inclusion stance into action through their online presence.

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We’re excited to see these trends in action, are you?

Now that we’ve come to the end of our list, one thing’s clear: the best web design trends of 2022 are inclined towards playfulness and experimentation. So, the lesson for you is simple—take any of these trends and add your creative spin to make your designs as unique as possible!

Bookmark this guide and come back to it the next time you need some inspiration to get the ball rolling. You can also mix and match these web design trends to produce something new that speaks to your style.

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