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We made a new concept for the landing page. Everything took us 10 working days and leaded to a 27% conversion increase.

Phase 1 — Seed the idea

We can help you to test the idea and build an MVP

You're building your project in a fast pace to make sure competition won't catch up and you can't afford to make mistakes? Get maximum results at a minimum cost.

We quickly engage and deliver the tangible results. Like on the Scentbird project — quick ideation and testing resulted in swift implementation and a 27% conversion raise.

Nexar iOS & Android apps success

We helped to build a new app from multiple proof of concepts.

Phase 2 — Raise the product

Building a full-scale product out of a concept

We know how to turn a small concept into a market heavyweight. Make a one trick pony application or a service into a full-scale tool with an established strategy and monetization model.


We were engaged in a long-term product design support, made dozens of new features and experiments.

Phase 3 — Fertilize the grow

Don't be afraid of enhancing the existing product

What if you achieved great results in first two years, but now competition seems to offer all the same features and you need breakthrough ideas? We can create those ideas and we have people who are used to working with startups and are rather good at thinking outside the box.

Your knowledge of industry + our fresh approach = new twist on the existing product.

Product stage doesn’t matter

Whether you're preparing for an investment pitch or iterating the existing product, we can support your team and provide the design and development assistance needed.


Raised by startups we worked with during 2017/2018

You've probably already heard about some of them. Or will hear soon.

Our clients’ mentions and awards

“With Nexar everybody has their own automated warning system"
Nexar, $44.5M investments

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"The app brings potential for blockchain and cryptocurrency to scale and be widely accepted and woven into our daily lives."
Liquidity, $8M investments

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"Liquidity app set to bring paypal like blockchain payments to the masses"
Liquidity, $8M investments

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"Expenditure, the innovative business travel expense app eliminates administrative routine"
Expenditure, $9.5M investments

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"Free Nexar app drives safety with collision warning, dashcam and V2V"
Nexar, $44.5M investments

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"The Nexar app uses machine learning and computer vision to interpret the direction, speed, and acceleration of every car"
Nexar, $44.5M investments

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"Liquidity aims to enable ethereum users to transact back and forth, without having to pay the cost of moving coins"
Liquidity, $8M investments

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"Oxygen offers flat-fee access to credit and free mobile banking, all while using machine learning to determine credit worthiness"
Oxygen, seed round

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"It has grown to more than 250,000 subscribers and experienced a more than 110% growth over the last year alone."
Scentbird, $28.4M investments

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“Even with major budget constraints, Humbleteam delivered excellent designs and met all project requirements. Сommunicating on a daily basis, their in-depth experience in design was impressive.”

Anton Parthril, CEO

Truebill, seed round

We can start tomorrow️

Everybody in Humbleteam spends 20% of their working time to do self-development projects and educational stuff — that's how we always have capacity to start working on new exciting project.

On-site or remotely we communicate as much as possible

Because great design is all about communication. For you it’s important to know what’s going on in our heads, for us it’s important to keep in mind your goals, timelines and budgets.

Timezone difference is not an issue

Since 99% of our projects are from the west coast.

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