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Website design
October 2020

Deck of Scarlet

This project by the Scentbird team needed a website as high-quality and bright as their cosmetics. We were only happy to roll up our sleeves and make it happen.

Deck of Scarlet Application desing 0
It’s time to kiss and makeup

Deck of Scarlet doesn’t skimp on the colors or the quality of their all-natural makeup line. Their website had to be bold, clean and high performance, just like their products.

Bold is beautiful

Humbleteam and Scentbird have been collaborating for years, so our working relationship is fast and friendly. The team gave us a lot of trust, and we were able to make some big moves. We challenged ourselves to work by the principle ‘less is more.’

We went through a few design concepts, simplifying the final look and layout over a few rounds. Minimal, black, white and pink branding. Spacious content blocks and just enough copy help the goods shine.

A look that just works

Deck of Scarlet’s website is live and converting makeup lovers around the globe into responsible shoppers.

Let’s go to work.

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