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Dripos is the dream POS for coffee shops and quick service operators. They needed their software to work across all mobile devices, by people that would probably be holding a hot beverage in their hand. We jumped right in to take their order.

Dripos Application desing 0

Take it to go. What started as a point of sales software grew into a super handy platform built for services in a post-Covid world. Barista-friendly use meant they had to create an app for iPad, for additional mobility. We fit heaps of features into an easily navigable interface made for a full-fledged business in a morning rush.


Everything but the kitchen sink. Within a few weeks, the visual concept was brewed up and tested. The key was to get the order just right, matching Dripos’ branding and then cooking up heaps of features that hit different.

This included an order system that works on all channels - be it via web, kiosk, or mobile app. We also designed a management feature that oversees everything from team scheduling to payroll.


But first, coffee. The complete app and website put POS, delivery, mobile ordering, marketing, and team management all into one app. In the end, it’s the only piece of software coffee makers will ever need to operate.

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