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We helped one Europe’s largest and oldest financial services providers completely redesign their transaction verification app.
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Playing it safe

With 16.1m clients in 7 countries, Erste Group Bank is one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Millions of people use Erste’s transaction verification app on a daily basis. In 2019 the bank wanted to upgrade the app, increasing safety, adding features and improving the user experience.


Under a money tree

Deloitte Digital, engaged by Erste to oversee the project, approached Humbleteam as a design partner, not least because of our experience with mobile banking apps.

Together we worked quickly to completely revamp the app, with a focus on improving the user experience and implementing a design consistent with Erste’s brand.

Mo features, no problems. Adding new and advanced safety features was a major impetus for the redesign, but we also added bank-direct payments, financial permissions, customer support, and an overview of transaction history.

All aboard. Given the broad spectrum of users and the importance of transaction verification in Erste’s overall product offering, the onboarding process was a high priority. The redesigned app has a 99% successful onboarding rate, a vast improvement over the earlier version.

Shiny and new. The app also got a facelift, with redesigned UI components as well as tweaked shapes and colors to bring it more in line with Erste’s brand. Building on the foundation we created together, Deloitte worked with developers to bring the project to fruition, the whole process taking a month.

“Humbleteam loves startups, but we also love bringing startup thinking to enterprises. And Erste isn’t just any enterprise — it’s a bank with over 200 years of history adapting to the needs of its customers in the digital age.”

Sergey Krasotin
Design Director & Co-founder, Humbleteam

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