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Product design · Marketing site
2019 – 2020


Halff is a concept for a banking app with automated budgets and personalized advice, designed expressly to help users reach their financial goals.
What did Halff want?
Halff started life as a student project at the University of Loewen. They came to Humbleteam for help taking the first steps to becoming a proper fintech startup.
What did we do?
We worked with Halff for a month, creating a prototype for a pre-seed MVP, a simple marketing site, and a design map for their team. Armed with all that, plus a round of user testing, the founders of Halff are currently seeking first-round investors.

“There’s a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, can-do attitude and often severe constraints that can make working with early stage startups a very exciting experience. We loved helping the young team at Halff go from student project to a promising fintech startup.”

Anton Stupnev
Co-Founder, Humbleteam

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