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A positive influence with Lafluence

The European influencer marketing technology platform wanted to overhaul its platform, attract new users and offer them a better experience.
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Come together, right now

Lafluence is a leading influencer marketing technology platform in Central Europe, on a mission to make life easier for brands, agencies and influencers, by helping them find each other and collaborate on marketing campaigns with as little friction as possible.

Lafluence’s platform streamlines the whole campaign process, letting users make offers, create briefs, view statistics, and approve or edit sponsored content. It also processes payments and serves as a central communication channel.

Clients include advertising agencies, brands big and small, and over two thousand influencers.

To improve the experience of current users and to help win and retain new ones, Lafluence asked Humbleteam to redesign the platform from the ground up, creating a more intuitive and appealing design. And while we were at it, we also redesigned their marketing site.


Positive influence

Good product design is less about pixels than people. More specifically, it’s about understanding the product owners and the various kinds of users, and what they’re all trying to accomplish.

It’s always tricky, but especially so when you’re fiddling with a working platform like Lafluence that already has thousands of users with hundreds of running campaigns. They’ve all grown used to how their tool works, and if you introduce changes that are confusing and not immediately useful, your most loyal users can grow frustrated and annoyed.

So, humble as we are, we started this project not by wading in and telling everyone else what to do, but by trying to get a solid understanding of what this was all about. We spent quality time at the Lafluence office, and we also talked to some of the agencies, brands and influencers using the platform.

“Humbleteam is thoughtful, attentive to detail, and accommodating. The team is very responsive and the workflow is good. They did extensive research that helped us tackle the design challenges we encountered. Thanks to the work they did, customer satisfaction increased by 35 percent.”

Product Owner,

A word from Humbleteam

“This project was a perfect example of how Humbleteam likes to work: Extremely tight collaboration with a passionate startup team, rapid iteration cycles where we got to try out a bunch of interesting ideas, and a lot of tweaking based feedback from real life customers. And last but not least, a lot of fun.”

Daniel Tkachenko
Design Director, Humbleteam

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