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Product design · Branding
March 2022 — ongoing


Burst into the metaverse.

Mozverse is a business that lets other businesses do Web 3.0 things. Back when they only had a name and some content we got to work creating a Web 2.0 website for them, sprinkled with lots of 3D goodies.

Mozverse Application desing 0

Welcome to the Mozverse

We think you’ll like it here.

The world the Mozverse team created includes an NFT marketplace, and NFT and smart contract generation tools for companies looking to launch artifacts easily.

Truth be told, building a new universe is no small feat. If it was, everyone would be doing it. But building a website that does a new world justice is no small ask either. And that’s where Humbleteam came in.


Not enough stars in this world

After a month of putting our ear to the ground - interviewing users, analyzing competitors, testing styles, scrapping and starting anew - we came up with a completely fresh look.

For a team creating the future, we had to find the right amount of detail and volume to bring the whole concept to life. So we modeled a bunch of 3D objects in their signature lilac gradient, animated the Helsinki out of the icons, and gave the whole thing a frosted tint for good measure.

Let’s go to work.

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