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Product Design, Branding & User Acquisition
January 2020 — October 2021

From dream to Realtify

Realtify is a very clever product that helps professional real estate developers and investors spot trends, find opportunities and make right decisions quickly. And guess what — we helped them build it.
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What if?

The life of a professional real estate investor or developer can be hard. Property valuations are affected by a seemingly infinite number of data points — demographics, urban planning, infrastructure, geography, access to transportation, public services, just to name a few — and information is scattered across multiple databases.

Which leads to the question: What if there was a service that gathered, standardized and analyzed more than 100 market variables in real time, providing developers and investors with more accurate valuations?

And what would such a service look like?


“Humbleteam provided exactly what we needed as an early stage startup: Insight into the product and the market, experience and expertise in product design, speed and agility, moral support and long-term commitment.”

Vladislav Kochetov
CEO, Realtify

Time to build

Realtify came to Humbleteam early in the development process — so early that the product didn’t even have a name yet. The core idea of a real estate data aggregator was there, but no one was sure how it would play out.

In keeping with Humbleteam’s design philosophy, we worked quickly and closely with the founders with the aim of getting to a minimum viable product as fast as possible.

We also worked on their branding: clean line items, geometric shapes, and bold colors merged professional and approachable in the look and feel.

Through testing and exposure to potential users, the initial prototypes went through several rapid iterations before finding market fit as a tool for investors and developers looking to price their projects.

“This is a great example of how Humbleteam works with startups. Yes, we’ll make your app both beautiful and a pleasure to use, but we’re also here to help you go from a core idea to a working product that works in the real world.”

Sergey Krasotin
Founder and CEO, Humbleteam


Armed with their MVP, Realtify was able to secure a round of investment, giving them an 18 month runway. They have also recently been acquired by PriceHubble, one of the fastest-growing property technology firms in Europe.

Let’s go to work.

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