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Safe Site

An accessible registration website, created to help sex trafficking victims find and book a place to stay at the shelter closest to them.
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Providing safe harbor

When American non-profit Safe Site came to Humbleteam, they were looking out for abuse victims that urgently needed an alternative place to stay.

We came up with a minimalist site that makes it easy to find refuge and caters to the particular needs of each applicant. Our team designed a spartan search and registration interface and an admin backend that prioritized speed and functionality to help as many people as possible.

As safe as houses

Each booking request has to be manually processed in order to avoid attacks from potential predators, so paring it down to the essentials was key. Safesite needed a simple interface and admin backend so that shelter seekers could quickly register and administrators could process them just as fast. Shelter seekers get shown the nearest shelters and fill out a short form to book. Shelter managers can visually keep track of beds and approve or reject requests with a click.

A light in the dark

The website’s dark, user-friendly interface doesn’t attract undue attention. Gender and age are the only obligatory fields for the booking process, every other parameter is optional. The discreet, mobile-responsive interface makes the site accessible on even the smallest devices, and the lack of imagery speeds up loading times even if the internet connection is unstable.

While developing the site, the team tweaked the original brief to allow for a better user experience. The live map had to be actively updated, in order to represent the shelters well.

“There were some challenges. Along with gender and age, we added a few optional parameters. We realized, for example, that registrants may have specific needs or illnesses that they want to filter for. Some need psychological help, but not every shelter provides this service. This had to be taken into account for both the guest and admin versions of the site. All the search criteria had to be thought out to the very last detail.”

Anton Stupnev

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