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Product design / UX UI
November 2020 - April 2021

Creating Sanctuary

An adventurous fragrance brand devised a way to leave the world a little bit better than they found it. We helped them tell everyone about it, their way.
Sanctuary Application desing 0

Smells Good

The team behind Sanctuary created a monthly subscription service for fragrances that lets users try out new scents delivered in small vials with just enough product for a short trial.

And the brand’s new product does more than just sell fragrance. Sanctuary’s subscription service fragrance boxes include a positive twist. The team matches every fragrance purchase with a $1 donation to a wildlife fund dedicated to protecting endangered species.

The team came to us to figure out how to tell the product’s story in their signature style, with a set of dedicated landing pages that explained Sanctuary’s story and success.

Where we came in

The biggest challenge was communicating the for-profit product’s charitable value credibly. We worked with the Sanctuary team to create a landing page and internal page structure that elegantly explained the who, what, and why of the products, partners and outcomes.

“It was an unusual experience because we were marketing a commercial product, but it had to look like a non-commercial one. There was a balance to stick to.”

Anton Stupnev

Walking the talk

For this project we put transparency to the front. We opted for facts-oriented, inspiring messaging and visuals, highlighting the results of each campaign for Red Book listed animals. Dedicated pages cleared the air on the fragrance ingredients and participating funds.

The final pages laid out all of the information shoppers needed up front, making it easy to shop and donate to a good cause at the same time.

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