A biomarker product with heart. Spren’s biomarkers help fitness and wellness apps create a more personalized user experience.

  • Product design
Spren application desing
The heart of the issue

After years of R&D combining gold-standard datasets with world-class machine learning experience, Spren now offers the tech to transform every smartphone into a universally accessible biomarker scanner.

We set off to work with them on a few screen modifications. On the way, we noticed a few significant opportunities to make the entire product better. With the big picture product mission in sight, the team signed off.

Didn’t skip a beat

At the end of the day, we designed the HRV measurement flow from the ground up and redesigned the body composition flow. Once they were done, we successfully integrated them into Spren’s client apps.

In the flow

Equipped with brand-spanking-new user flows and a seamless implementation process, Spren is spreading the good word. The new features have piqued a lot of interest and brought 5+ new partnerships to the team, with many more keen to close.

Next project

Built for digital natives, GoodHabit’s all-natural skincare line filters out artificial blue light damage so you can stay connected, with your skin protected. Humbleteam designed and built the website, checking in with users for feedback along the way.

  • Product design
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