Acronis is a $600M+ company protecting data and helping companies safeguard against cyberattacks, hardware failures, and human errors. We created an impactful brand identity to match Acronis' style.

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Acronis desing
Visual style

Humbleteam worked on the event banners, social media posts, and event program materials. Drawing inspiration from laser beams, microchips, and other technological elements, we crafted a dynamic visual language that brought the cybersecurity topic to life.

Connecting people

For the Acronis’ event we went the extra mile by designing fancy wristbands for attendees. The wristbands served as a tangible representation of the engagement with the brand.

Deep dive

Bold colors everywhere! We incorporated a color palette consisting of deep dark blue and light blue hues into 3D images and graphics, effectively immersing attendees in the world of cybersecurity.

The result

Our branding work created a memorable event experience and established Acronis' commitment to data protection. Sleek and modern. Simple design for effective delivery.

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