We’ve worked on 130+ different startups and we are still hungry 

From MPVs (Pinata) and all the rounds in the alphabet (Deserve), to unicorns (Dailypay) and the really big worldwide players (UBS, Raiffeisenbank). Ka-ching!
Y Combinator startups
We’ve helped YC startups save you money (Rocket Money), create niche fintech products (Sequin), and make the world smell nice (Scentbird). And lots more.
For example, a telemedicine app with 7m+ users (Healthtap), an award-winning AI-driven heart disease diagnosis tool (Eko health). Gesundheit!
Our clients go far. Some build cars (BMW), others stop accidents (Nauto, Nexar); some take to the sky (Breeze), while others go to space (NASA).
Crypto and web3
Here’s 3 names: Wallets with 1m+ users (hi.com), web3 infrastructure (Parallel), and even physical crypto storage (Graceful). And there’s more.
Consumer goods and tech
Bringing good things to life: Al-video platform (Synthesia), streaming content (Seenspire), simultaneously translated chats (Native). And more!

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