We’ve worked on 120+ different startups and we are still hungry

Our startup clients have raised on strengths of the products we designed
Active monthly users of interfaces and applications we made
IQRA case study cover
MVP design that didn't go by the book — and brought above average results.
Safety is smart. The AR interfaces designed for these motorcycle helmets are savvy.

And a lot more! In our years we’ve done some very impressive projects.

Brigit, a financial health app with $3M of investment
200+ screen design system from us. 3M users and $3M in investment for them.
Jolt, edtech platform with curated online courses
A true meeting of the minds during this landing page and marketing design consultation.
The first US bank focused on cashback
From concept to a cashback-focused banking website that attracted investment millions.
Digital banking startup raised $16M+ of investment
Developed from idea to end product, the digital banking app is a breath of fresh air for thousands.
Simple, hassle-free business banking is in the bag.
Money management app without fees
From idea to final product, this product was designed to serve no-fees financial freedom at its finest.
Qatar's ministry of foreign affairs
Qatar MOFA's official app makes managing travel documents a pleasant journey.
The leading antivirus software in Europe
A marketing landing page for a product launch that went anti-viral.
Banking app (NDA)
20M+ users got an updated app experience that sees them whistling all the way to the bank.
Boston Consulting Group
Intranet design that finds the golden mean between people, needs, and skills.
An internal software interface that helps dealership service runs as smoothly as their vehicles.
Swiss multinational investment bank
The Swiss multinational investment bank's UX was redesigned from the ground up.
Accenture, a global services and consulting company
Full-scale product design support for the consulting company's key clients.
Oracle, a global leader in software and IT solutions
Their new internal intranet system keeps sales managers up-to-speed with up-to-date case studies.
One of Europe’s largest producers of electricity and heat
Vattenfall's new landing page is a roadmap to fossil fuel freedom.
The first app for cryptocurrency transactions without fees
Or should we say 'Lit'quidity. MVP for the first no-fees crypto trading app.
AI-powered employee platform that boosts productivity
A product redesign for an AI-powered employee platform turned into a successful acquisition.
A platform for companies to find tools that fit their needs
The solution to finding the tools and services your business needs got redesigned — and acquired.
Smooth and seamless money management app
A sleek new website for a smooth and seamless money management app acquired by Sodexo.
Pioneering software for contracts management
Signed, sealed and delivered a redesigned and upgraded UI.
Digital solutions for cyber-security founded by ex-Palantir
Can cyber-security look sleek? This landing page design thinks so.
A household name in electronics came to us to design their marketing landing pages.
Software company for commercial paperwork organizing
Updated design of the landing page.
Peer-to-peer currency exchange app between UK and Nigeria
App design for a new way to send and receive money - on your own terms.
B2B banking white-label solution
Money management meets elegance. A new design system brought both to life in a universal banking app.
NYC-based volunteering group supporting the LGBTQ community
New landing page and marketing assets to see the change you can be.
A data-based automatized backup tool in the form of an app
An app and landing page that puts the worst database management nightmares to bed.
Multi-purpose legal help platform
A redesigned landing page helps exponentially more users find legal help in their hardest moments.
A fintech letting users earn interest on crypto
We helped the team conquer a crypto conundrum with thoughtful product design.
The app delivering mobile food delivery services
Order’s up for the product design behind this lightweight meal delivery tool.
The chain that turned fast food into a global phenomenon
Now satisfying hunger pangs around the world with a new internal delivery feature.
A consumer electronics company redefining accessibility
We made booking workspaces in large offices easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.
First GDPR compliant messenger for medical organizations
The first GDPR compliant medical messenger app meets health professionals where they are.
YAP, the first neobank in the United Arab Emirates
Card design for UAE's first neobank that's pretty and pretty smart.
European leader in electricity distribution
A powerful system for managing electricity between nuclear power plants and their final destination.
The team leading smart FPS training
Turn your aim into an ace, with smart training and an AI coach designed by yours truly.
Business bonds marketplace with millions in funding
After a product design consultation and growth marketing campaign, user acquisition is booming.
Fintech startup that offers branded credit card products
MVP, app, marketing, and a good time for an innovative branded credit card startup.
An umbrella company for international tobacco brands
Accenture's key clients got design support for their annual products.
An app for buying collective gifts by clubbing together
Tried and tested app concepts to gift better with friends.
Emergency services in Prague
An app that transports information urgently between patients, ambulances and hospitals.
SEO services support
A full product redesign to scale businesses to the top of their game.
A global supplier of infrastructure software
The banking arm of a global infrastructure software company banked on us for three new products.
Google Bank
The app design puts your bank and Google in the same room to talk better banking solutions.
Community-based gaming platform
Game on! Website and app design for millions of gamers playing on the community-based platform.
EUC, the biggest private clinic group in the Czech Republic
We got a bit physical with the clinic group's new website content.
One of the top 3 telecom companies in Eastern Europe
Revamped day-to-day design solutions spice up the user experience.
A time-based social network that simplifies scheduling
They fast track social media scheduling. We fast tracked the new landing page design.
A car retailer selling over 1K cars yearly across Europe
Taking cars to the cloud with a freshly digitized landing page and app.
A fintech focused on monetizing unicorn stock and options
Behind every great fintech app, there’s a great product design team. Our latest collaboration is here to testify.
Gulf Brokers, a global intuitive trading app
One month of all-in hands-on development to ship an intuitive, global trading app.
A commercial platform for video content makers
Bringing a cool new video content platform to the mobile screen for the first time.
Cannabis press producers to manufacture CBD oil
Everything's better with illustrations. Including the guide and display for a pioneering CBD press.
Automated rental service for Airbnb sublets
AirBnB rental management on demand with website and product design.
The blockchain-backed voting system for social initiatives
The MVP design for a blockchain-based voting system that got government funding during its ICO.
Search reports and files for commercial finance deals
Helping financiers pinpoint dealmaking reports and files with an upgraded landing page.
The team leading data activation and security
We took data management to new heights, with a platform designed exclusively for content consuming audiences.
A solution to make sure you get money, get paid
We created the product behind the fintech that gives people earned wage access.
Sharing is caring, and this app makes it rewarding
Ever wanted an app that lets you buy in teams? Same. So we helped make it happen.
Pure, unbiased data has pulled up
Product design to chug along third-party data on freight railway networks.
The film lovers directing festival submissions
We helped this team fast track film festival submissions in old Hollywood style.
The app helping couples split the bill
Product design for a solution that’s cheaper than therapy.
They created the first end-to-end Data Observability platform
We created the product design.
A group of people redefining buyer-seller interactions
We put the human back into virtual sales with a smart and supportive experience.
Powering the web’s rarest interactive content
We co-created a cloud-based design platform that keeps content moving.
A fintech that fights for you
Our product design went into an app that disputes charges on your behalf based on your long-term financials.
Manage data, with peace of mind
The digital tool we designed makes sure you don’t sweat the small stuff.
Lendsmart provides digital solutions for - you guessed it - loans
Our mission was to design the product and acquire a bunch of users for two kick-ass products.
Look In My Closet transports women to the lap of luxury
The elegantly designed app behind the concept lets them shop luxury.
A healthy heart is a happy heart
Eko Health asked us to help them with a design that helps nip disease in the bud.
Business burst into the metaverse with this team
The B2B crypto solution we created launches virtual worlds.
Sequin perks up your credit score
We designed a ton of features for this female-first debit card.
Synthesia makes DIY videos look PRO
Our seamless video product design was created in one take.
Deserve created tons of credit cards to give you what you need
The registration flow and dashboard we created gives you what you deserve.
Zasilkovna is a big deal in package delivery
We helped them create a package sending backend that surpassed expectations.
Dripos is the point of sale helping baristas in their daily grind
The final product did the work of 9 other apps together, to help run a smooth operation.
The app that lets you offer crypto
Product design and branding for the crypto gift that keeps on giving.
A platform for lawyers to find livelihood
We crafted the UI/UX for a lawyer labor market platform.
The business that pays businesses
Our product design helps businesses decide how they want to pay and get paid.
A leading European development agency
We put the website design behind the development of this team’s online presence.
American football school gets web app
The design included a full season of upcoming events.
The product that lets others shop for you
This design puts the shopping list in couriers’ hands.

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