Can a brand bring the novelty and excitement of artificial intelligence to the down-to-earth business of health insurance? As an in-house experiment, Humbleteam’s designers came up with a brand concept for Qantev, a startup that does just that.

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Qantev logo
About Qantev

Qantev was founded by machine learning experts and mathematicians with backgrounds in insurance and finance. Their goal: to apply breakthroughs in AI and mathematics to real world problems, starting with health insurance operations.

From its start in Paris in 2019, Qantev has grown its team to 35 people, and successfully secured $11.7M from leading VC funds, including Omnes and RAISE Ventures.

The Concept

Branding in the insurance business is usually very corporate. Because of the need to convey a feeling of trust, the design is often safe and conventional. We wanted to move away from this, and try and make the insurance company look unashamedly cool.

AI learns to process data through neural networks, the same way a human brain does. To visualise the power of Quantev, we used the metaphor of these rapid neural connections as a central concept for the brand.

Color scheme

To maintain the element of trust we grounded the color scheme in solid black and white. But since Qantev is also a cool tech startup, so we added a dash of bold and modern through the use of more vibrant colors.

The metaphor

For a central visual concept relating to Qantev’s mission of modernizing insurance, we looked for a metaphor of something geometrical and easily scalable. We found neurons! The single traveling neuron has an electric potency as it splashes and travels through the network to make new connections. This is most clearly seen in the logo.

Solid backgrounds, linear graphics, and a bit of gradient: reliable but not boring. All very simple, and easily replicable for the needs of the company.

Just because you’re in insurance doesn’t mean your brand has to be boring. Modern technologies are a great match with bold, contemporary design, and we think this comes through clearly in the concept for Quantev, where the reliable meets the vibrant.
Brand Designer, Humbleteam

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