Zavo aims to make B2B banking more accessible. Opening a bank account in UK take an average of 3 months. Cutting down the time and making the financial tools transparent - that's a challenge for this product and Humbleteam.

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Zavopay application desing
Distinguished shape

We created a unique emblem with cut corners for Zavo's logo to distinguish it from competitors and emphasize its innovative nature. This design represents the company's drive to deviate from the norm and forge its own path.

Branding in every detail

We created a custom icon set to sync with the brand's style and visuals. We used a matt-glass filter in photography styling to preserve the brand's uniqueness while still using accessible stock images.

The UI

To create the UI for Zavo's mobile and desktop apps and reflect the brand's innovative and distinctive ethos, we used cut-corner shapes and a tailored icon set to set a cohesive and unique tone that is true to Zavopay's brand. Tailored brand elements convey that Zavo is making banking for business transparent & clear. All puns intended.

Complete packaged

The branding project emerged into comprehensive, brand package, including the logo design, custom typography, motion design principles, photography style, product UX/UI, and marketing assets.

The result

Making money work in style. We've crafted a brand identity that is as innovative and forward-thinking as Zavo itself, firmly positioning them as the future of international finance.

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