Eko creates advanced tools that can help detect heart and lung diseases earlier, improving outcomes and saving lives. Humbleteam helped them design their app for both mobile and web.

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Eko application desing
About Eko

Founded in 2013 in California, Eko’s digital stethoscopes help healthcare workers at over 4,000 hospitals provide enhanced cardiovascular care, both in-person and using telehealth.

Building a new product to help clinicians document and review patient information, Eko asked Humbleteam to create a series of great user interfaces.


Eko’s stethoscopes are built to help clinicians hear more clearly, identify sounds faster, and detect disease more confidently. Letting patients run checks on themselves remotely they also reduce the need for in-hospital appointments.

Humbleteam’s work started in 2021 with improvements to the UX/UI of a few app screens, and gradually developed into prototyping and designing the web product in cooperation with Eko’s own team and clinicians.


Humbleteam’s UX designers also did extensive work on Eko’s telehealth products — a series of consultation, ECG, and AI-powered clinical decision support tools that enable providers to deliver care confidently from anywhere.

With direct feedback from the doctors who were using the product, we could move very fast with iterations and improvements. A great example of what the perfect design process should look like.
Sergey Krasotin
Co-founder and Design Director, Humbleteam
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