Musi is a free music streaming app for iOS and Android that pulls content directly from YouTube, offering users a huge collection of songs and unofficial remixes, mash-ups, covers, not available on other streaming platforms.

With 7 years in the App Store and 1M daily users, Musi had a head start, but required an overhaul to bring it up to date, and compete with services like Spotify and Apple Music.

  • Product design
  • Branding
Musi application desing

Working closely with the Musi team, our challenge was to move fast, working within the existing design constraints and a tight schedule, to make maximum impact with as little visible change as possible.


After a couple of weeks of playing around with different directions, we presented our take on a new and consistent visual language fit for a brand of Musi’s ambition.




App Store rating

A cover version better than the original! YouTube audios typically have very basic covers, or no covers at all. Not good! To deal with this, we designed simple cards with catchy typography. Then a few months later, we did a comeback tour and created a new set of thumbnails that were even cooler, more modern, and trendy.

We also broke the onboarding down into smaller steps and making it more gradual. The sign-up rate improved as a result, and new listeners could shape their music library step-by-step.

Working with Humbleteam was fantastic — very responsive, timeline oriented, and a fantastic final product. Frankly, it exceeded our expectations, and we were tremendously happy with the final result.
Christian and Aaron
Musi founders
Next project

Onbo is a super intuitive way to add super complex lending features to any product. With funding, compliance, and a plug and play tech backend covered, companies can launch loan products in weeks. We pitched in with a heap of humble help to make sure the brand did the product justice.

  • Product design
  • branding

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