Fast, simple, and secure. Monyo's payment system manages the small details, giving users the power to build an unstoppable business with just a few clicks. To embody this mission, we delved into the heart of the Monyo brand, exploring every aspect of its look and feel: from the company logo and typography to the motion design and product UX/UI.

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Monyo desing
They see it rolling

We adopted a visual metaphor of spheres going through a network of pipes, reflecting how effortless and fluid Monyo payment infrastructure works. This metaphor was ingrained in every aspect of Monyo branding, from the logo, to key-visuals and iconography.

Visual style

We leveraged motion design principles to evoke the smoothness of the ball-in-pipe metaphor. Every facet of this final system mirrors the brand's seamless and intuitive nature, making the brand unmistakably Monyo - consistent in its promise of simplicity, efficiency, and adaptability.

The interfaces

Further, our creative journey extended into the development of product UI and marketing communication. Every screen, every line of copy, and every button had to embody Monyo's values.

The result

The final result of our branding project for Monyo is a cohesive, engaging, and visually compelling representation of the company. Just as all the balls smoothly go through a pipes network, so does Monyo effortlessly facilitate transactions in the realm of digital products. Thus, we turned Monyo into more than just a payment infrastructure provider. It became a symbol of smooth, hassle-free digital payments.

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