Royal Caribbean Cruises

When one of the world’s biggest cruise companies asked us to redesign a part of their app we saw it as an opportunity to make millions of their passengers a little bit happier.

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RCC application desing
Full steam ahead

Over the last decade Royal Caribbean's mobile app has become central to the passenger experience and the business itself. With five long years since the last major upgrade, RC’s digital team wanted to continue, full steam ahead, to explore all the ways a passenger’s mobile phone could make their cruise more enjoyable cruise.

We worked with RC’s digital team for four months, coming up with ideas and designing solutions. We improved the app’s interface, created a new booking engine, added some features and tweaked others. We also came up with new on- and off-boarding flows, making the app easier to use for new users and regulars alike.

Open for business

Originally designed to help passengers who were already onboard manage their trip, Royal Caribbean’s app was missing an important opportunity: to sell cruises to everyone else. In the new version, instead of seeing a forbidding login screen for existing customers, potential new customers can book a cruise directly from the app.

It works on land, too

The trip may be over, but the relationship should last. Back on shore, customers can continue using the app, finding all their transactions and invoices, look at pictures from the trip, and they are much more likely to give valuable feedback on their experience directly in the app. Most importantly, they can use the app to find and book their next cruise.


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The breakthrough came when we stopped thinking about this as an app for a cruise company and started thinking of it as a tool that 27 million citizens use to organize lots of different things in their daily lives in a city.
Sergey Krasotin
Design Director & Co-founder, Humbleteam

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