Duckbook, an innovative mobile app for book sharing community that leverages the network of US coffeeshops to offer as many places as possible to read books for free . Our mission was to build a recognizable and versatile brand that seamlessly transitions between the tangible and digital realm.

  • Branding
  • Product UX/UI
Duckbook desing
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We shaped Duckbook's brand by delving deep into every aspect of its usage, from the logo and typography to motion guidelines, physical merch, and UI of the app, balancing between the tangible realm of coffee shop with physical books and digital mobile application for book sharing community.

Going physical

The branding on physical objects was designed to be visually appealing and instantly recognizable, incorporating elements of the Duckbook illustrations and typography. Understanding that cups are ubiquitous in the world of coffee and reading, we decided to transform them into our brand asset.

Cohesive branding

We designed physical items like bookmarks, business cards, and labels to create a cohesive brand. These items invited people to join the Duckbook community and feel connected through shared experiences.

Getting closer

Our goal for the UI was to convey the homely and cozy atmosphere of the brand. Each element in the interface and social media posts has a friendly tone that aims to convey the brand's values and uniqueness.

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