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Space is everywhere. Except on the International Space Station, that is. We worked with NASA’s engineers to design a storage and resource optimization system with the goal to fit as much stuff in the ISS as possible, and make it accessible for astronauts.

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The challenge

Running out of space. Every year, astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) conduct over 6,000 scientific experiments designed around limited resources like available power, working hours, and last but not least, space.

But there’s actually very little space in space, and with the price of real estate up there, NASA wanted to make sure their scientists and engineers were using every cubic centimeter efficiently

The brief

Our task: Work with engineers at NASA to create a user-friendly web app to optimize storage areas and resources on the ISS, making equipment easily accessible for experiments.

Houston, we have solutions. Working with an exact digital model of the ISS, the team created a visual representation in the interface to indicate the current capacity of each station block, making planning easier.

Ups and downs. Product design isn’t rocket science, but our designers had to deal with a few issues they haven’t seen before. Lots of special safety requirements and regulations, and no ups and downs, due to zero gravity.

Lost in space. With Smart Search, scientists and engineers can locate the objects they’re looking for in seconds, and get an exact visual representation of their location.

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Every object stored on the ISS has a unique identifier making it easy to locate, and track when it was last used and by whom.

“When we got the message from NASA asking if we’d be interested in working on a project with them, I was sitting in an airplane waiting to take off. I had to turn off my phone before I could reply. It felt like the longest flight I’ve ever been on.”

Sergey Krasotin
Design Director & Co-founder, Humbleteam

Let’s go to work.

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