January 2022 - March 2022


A very bold bank integration brand. Chuck lets users easily deposit money to almost any bank account in the United States.
Chuck Application desing 0

What’s up, Chuck?

Alloy Labs got in touch to brand their open payment network. Fintechs are our favorite, so the match was a no-brainer. We set about creating an identity that screamed business casual.


Function follows form

Overused line icons make us yawn. So we got clever with a set of rounded, geometric shapes that got the point across in style. We played with overlapping shapes and colors to make it extra smart.

Brand colors

It’s electric!

Neon green and accent blue are not your average bank brand palette. But Chuck is not your average banking app. The brand’s primary and secondary colors give surprise, confidence, and professionalism.


Keep banking bold

All caps, concise copy, and bold type are another confidence boost to brand users. It’s now just as easy to understand this integration as it is to use.

Let’s go to work.

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