Quipli is a unified SaaS solution for independent equipment rental companies that want to manage every aspect of their business in one place. From rentals, repairs and maintenance, with Quipli they can accept customer orders, receive payments, track rentals, manage inventory, and more.

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Quipli desing
Visual style

The brand identity is designed around the concept of simplicity and structure, reflecting Quipli's approach to working with its customers. The visual style features modular blocks as an exact reference to heavy equipment stylistic.

Icons and colors

Working with the icons and colors of the company, we kept the original palette, but played with shapes of icons and shades of colors to give Quipli brand a corporate style on the one hand, and a modern style on the other.

The interfaces

Based on our new visual language, we incorporated blocky shapes and black and yellow colors into interfaces, setting a cohesive tone that represents reliability, severity and status of the company.

The result

All in all, with a modern typography, structural grid system, and a dynamic visual language, Quipli now exudes modernity and positions itself as a modern tech start-up that disrupts the conventional landscape of equipment sales.

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