Pinata lets renters earn rewards, save on everyday expenses and build credit. Humbleteam redesigned the app from the ground up.

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Pinata application desing
Rent is due

Pinata is an american startup building the world’s first rewards platform for landlords and renters. An early version of their product was up and running, but it desperately needed a makeover. Pinata’s request to Humbleteam: increase usability and user engagement.

For the people, by the people

The idea behind pinata is simple: give tenants who pay their rent on time various benefits and significant discounts. It also lets landlords give perks to tenants, for example to encourage them to keep common areas clean.

When Pinata came to Humbleteam it had a functional but very basic product with a confusing, incoherent design. Low engagement was also a problem, with most users only opening the app once or twice a month.

Our first priority was to improve the visual design and the overall user experience. We created a flexible and lightweight design system that had all the basic components we needed at this early stage.

Once we had the system in place, we quickly put it to use, with a very rapid iteration cycle, churning through lots of ideas and sketches, with feedback from stakeholders and a lot of user testing. So far we’ve reached out to over 500 users.

A rewarding experience

Pinata is all about rewarding users, but with no hierarchy and irrelevant offers, the rewards section didn’t make a lot of sense. We changed all that, and now the first thing users see in the rewards section is an enticing selection of well known brands, like Amazon, Classpass, Postmates and Starbucks.

A confusing onboarding flow was also leading to a lot of new users signing up without really understanding the purpose of the app, and therefore giving it bad reviews. We redesigned the entire process to make sure users immediately know what they’re signing up for.

All this, along with a more pleasing and consistent visual design has resulted in a much higher user engagement.

Having a lot of users is great, but only if they’re active. Pinata had a great concept, but they needed to find something that would keep users coming back.
Sergey Krasotin
Design Director & Co-founder, Humbleteam

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