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Product design & branding
March 2021-ongoing

Credit where credit is due

Stilt provides loans between $1,000-$40,000 to expats and students from developing countries ineligible to receive them from a regular bank. Everyone is judged based on their salary, thereby creating an equal playing field. A playing field we helped Stilt design.
Stilt Application desing 0
Lending helping hands

Back in March of 2021 a team called Stilt reached out to us, kicking off our long-term partnership with them. At the time, they were in the midst of building their first super success fintech product, but it was go time and their designer needed a few extra pairs of hands to launch on time. We plugged right in and got to work.

The buck stops here

To get the money flowing properly through the app, we assigned two design leads and a small team of designers to create the entire MVP. Once we were in the mix, we also dipped in to create a landing page, a web interface where users applied for loans, and a mobile application for registered users as fast as possible to get to liftoff.

Throughout the whole process we used animated prototypes to test and cut out unnecessary features and flows with prospective users.

Tried, tested, and true

“Working with a data-driven team like Stilt was a particularly motivating project. We share a love of A/B testing that gave us the buy-in and resources to interact directly with users for better insights. The Stilt team isn’t afraid to leave unwanted features and ideas by the wayside, in the name of iterating faster and developing the features that users need to create a high-impact product.”

Sergey Krasotin
Design Director & Co-founder, Humbleteam

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander

Today, Stilt’s 4.6 star Trust Pilot rating has hundreds of reviews by please loan recipients. Speed, professional service, and ease of use are all highlighted across the board - which aren’t always the first words that come to mind when someone says ‘loan application.’

Let’s go to work.

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