Built for digital natives, GoodHabit’s all-natural skincare line filters out artificial blue light damage so you can stay connected, with your skin protected. Humbleteam designed and built the website, checking in with users for feedback along the way.

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Goodhabit application desing
Out of the blue

The Scentbird team behind GoodHabit is once again on the pulse with their blue light blocking subscription-based skincare line. But we all know bad habits are hard to break. So their humble request to us was to create a webshop that brought the face cream and the facts.

Serving facts

A few minutes of internet research is enough to debunk empty claims by up-and-coming brands.

To build brand credibility, we showcased the glowing results of their independent consumer panel and their proprietary BLU5 technology with fun, bold visuals. User feedback along the way helped prioritize the information GoodHabit users wanted to see.

Good looking out

GoodHabit’s not just here to protect, it’s here to prevent. A dedicated blog and skincare quiz landing page keep their shoppers engaged and cared for.

“The Good Life” blog keeps up a healthy dose of content on all things beauty and wellness, while GoodHabit's own questionnaire makes sure everyone finds the products their skin is looking for.

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