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In 2020, Logitech released Playmaster, a revolutionary esports training system designed to help professional Counter-Strike gamers stay on top of their game. After several years of development, Logitech asked Humbleteam to design a winning dashboard.

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Playmaster application desing
What we did

A complete do-over, featuring Playmaster. From redesigning the product’s look and feel to new features and gamification.

Train smart, play hard

The Playmaster training experience puts players in an environment that simulates the game they are training for, with comparable maps and enemy bots. Smart training plans track player progress and automatically adjust to reflect their individual skill level. Behind the scenes, players get heaps of information on their progress, rank compared to other players, training scores, daily challenges, and more.

These are the breaks

The Playmaster team’s shopping list included a website redesign and a whole cartload of new features. Excited to take on a new challenge, in a new field, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work.

All systems go

The mission started with competitor and product research to see where we could create something new. Soon, we went with the old method of ‘learning by doing,’ and within a few weeks, we made several versions of the dashboard structure. With so many nuances to the game, four humble designers kept busy with the project for a few months.

The rules of the game

The new interfaces covered a lot of ground. Hundreds of screens were put together to create a full-fledged training experience.

Playmaster now boasts all the widgets for:

Development plans, customized training programs calibrated to each player’s individual skills

Daily rewards, optional tasks for players to collect extra points and rank up

Skills breakdown, an analysis of individual skills and seasonal progress to detect areas for improvement

Challenges, short gaming missions that let players rank up and increase the difficulty of their training plans.

We did a lot of design work on the structure, layout, game mechanics, and specifications - each with a million nuances that had to be anticipated for a pro gaming experience.
Good luck, have fun!

When the first chapter of our collaboration came to a close, Playmaster users were fully equipped with God-tier analytics. Individual skills progress, a leaderboard, daily challenges and points, as well as training widgets were all easily navigable in one full-throttle dashboard.

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