An integrated brand and marketing campaign for the Swiss restaurant management startup that skyrocketed conversion rates and dramatically reduced cost per acquisition.

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Aleno is a sophisticated management system built to help restaurants manage everything from reservations, seating, and staff shifts to supply planning, HR resources and marketing activities. It even helps waiters remember your favorite wine.

Aleno came to Humbleteam looking for what every new product team wants: to grow the client base as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Aleno wanted what every new product wants: to grow its client base as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What did we do?

We worked with the team at Aleno for over a year from the launch of their product. After a period of analyzing and strategizing, we got to work creating a solid new brand and a messaging framework that would speak to the target audience.

We conjured a feeling of old-school elegance with hand-drawn illustrations, to bridge the gap between hospitality and tech.

On top of the new brand we then built an integrated website and online marketing campaign to showcase the product and its benefits, with the ultimate goal of helping Aleno make the most of its limited marketing budget..

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