Say hello to Hi, a neobank on a mission to democratize blockchain technology and blur the banking boundaries between the universe and Metaverse.

  • UX/UI
Hi application desing
About Hi

Hi reached out to Humbleteam early in its journey. They had a visual brand, but needed a way to apply it in the app and website. We got to work on the UX/UI, redesigning more or less every screen of the product.


After the app we moved on to Hi’s marketing, giving the website a complete makeover. Humbleteam also updated the bank’s marketing materials, investor presentations, 3D assets, blog templates, and even tweaked their logo a little.


Our main goal for the design was establish Hi as a cutting edge neobank, with an app that’s transparent and easy to use, and a website that tells the story of a complex product in a very consistent and intuitive way. Working under severe time restraints, our team managed to finish the project in under two months.

Next project

Space is everywhere. Except on the international space station, that is. We worked with NASA’s engineers to design a storage and resource optimization system with the goal to fit as much stuff in the iss as possible, and make it accessible for astronauts.

  • Product design
  • UI/UX

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