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Eyes on the road with Nexar

Nexar makes the world’s smartest dashcams. We helped with the product design of their web and mobile apps.
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Here’s what really happened

Nexar is on a mission to make driving better and safer. The company’s AI-powered dashcams save thousands of users millions of dollars every year by showing what actually happened when they’re involved in a traffic accident.

Backed by investors such as Aleph, Mosaic, Slow, True and Alibaba, Nexar hired Humbleteam in October 2019 to supplement the internal team working on the design of their app.

“We had a pretty clear vision of what we wanted our product to do but we had no concrete plans in terms of the mood we wanted to create visually. Humbleteam worked with us to find the most powerful voice for our content by drafting a number of different designs and creating the icons for our app.”

Product Owner at Nexar

Design in motion
Nexar’s designers had already been working on the app for about two months before Humbleteam joined the effort. The first thing we did was add some visual flair, including lots of motion design elements.

Stay in your lane
Nexar’s app does more than monitor the dashcam. We developed the concept of “multi-lane navigation,” where the dashcam determines which lane your car is in, and recommends changing to a better one if necessary.

One-click insurance
If you have an accident the last thing you want is to hassle with your insurance company. So in the event of an actual accident, the Nexar app has a pretty nifty feature that makes reporting the damage to an insurer a breeze.

“I was incredibly impressed by their flexibility and willingness to adapt to our schedule even though it wasn't always convenient. They worked weekends for us, and even worked throughout the winter holidays to help us reach an important deadline without any slowdown. They've had a huge impact on our ability to meet our goals.”

Product Owner at Nexar

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