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step 1 — Strategy

It is crucial for us to understand the context of your business. That is why we ask a ton of questions here.

We land and help you to define the strategy for your product

Every journey starts with a single step. Based on our experience, we already happen to know the first hundred steps for fintech apps and services. We facilitate design sprints to outline the vision. We do design studios to understand how exactly to execute it. And all of this is based on the industry trends, competitors analysis and our experience with the fintech sector.

Step 2 — Quick validation

Did you know that in Pakistan you cannot use a piggy bank icon to indicate savings? We know because we sinned once.

The first prototype is a matter of a few days. We then validate it with the customers.

Only tangible stuff matters, that’s why create hypotheses and test it with the real users, and we do this on a regular basis. We design and validate, design and validate, design and validate because only polishing makes perfection.

Quick validation focus

We create quick interactive prototypes and do qualitative user research to find out whether it works or not.

Challenging what’s possible

We explore multiple product directions and even test crazy ideas. You never know what would work the best.

Step 3 — Continuous delivery

We are starting delivering very early in the project, so that development can start early as well.

We provide long-term design and development support

There is a lot of back and forth when it comes to making things happen and deliver everything to actual customers. We won’t leave your alone there. We are fond of design systems and we prepare many design guidelines so that development can happen really fast.

Our awesome clients

“Even with major budget constraints, Humbleteam delivered excellent designs and met all project requirements. Сommunicating on a daily basis, their in-depth experience in design was impressive.”

Anton Parthril, CEO

Truebill, seed round

We can start tomorrow️

Everybody in Humbleteam spends 20% of their working time to do self-development projects and educational stuff — that's how we always have capacity to start working on new exciting project.

On-site or remotely we communicate as much as possible

Because great design is all about communication. For you it’s important to know what’s going on in our heads, for us it’s important to keep in mind your goals, timelines and budgets.

Timezone difference is not an issue

Since 99% of our projects are from the west coast.

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